The Left's A-Team Fact Checkers Emerge to Dissect '2000 Mules'


Left is really getting desperate on 2000 mules. They started out by unleashing their fact checkers. And these are 20 and 30 somethings, and they thought, okay, yeah, we'll shut this down, you know, but of course these are people who know nothing about geo tracking. Geo tracking is not very reliable. And they don't know much about election law. And so they had these clumsy first salvos that were easily repelled. In fact, even people who had nothing to do with politics would say things like, wait a minute I lost my cell phone in some tall grass and I was able to pinpoint its exact location within inches. So this idea that you can't, all this technology doesn't work, it's like laughably absurd. And so suddenly the left realized, oh my gosh, you know, we've obviously deployed our B team and that's not gonna be enough. We need to unleash the a team. So the a team is now coming out. The a team is The New York Times, which is evidently trying to do some sort of a hip job. They haven't published it yet. Whoop Dee do. I mentioned The Washington Post, which I'll be discussing in depth tomorrow, a Philip bump in The Washington Post. There's an article in NPR, which I'll be dealing with. Tomorrow probably. But I want to talk about an article in the Atlanta journal constitution, which is focusing on Georgia. And I want to use it as a case study of just classic deception at all levels. Title of the article. Georgia investigation dispels allegations highlighted in 2000 mules. Let's just take in the title for a minute. You think you're going to get some kind of refutation of the allegation in 2000 meals that 242 mules. Have been identified through cell phone geo tracking, visiting ten or more drop boxes each and a bunch of these people are seen on video. Not all of them, but a bunch of them where the video is available. Now, the subtitle of the article ballots were legally delivered for family members. Okay? And then I started reading the article. The article it turns out is about one guy. And I'm going to read surveillance video showed a man pull up in a white SUV and insert 5 absentee ballots into a gwinnett county Dropbox. An investigation revealed he was delivering ballots for his family, which has allowed under Georgia

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