Blaney wins All-Star race, $1M 2 laps after thinking he won


With $1 million on the line drivers through caution to the wind and the NASCAR all star race at Texas Motor Speedway and at the end of the night it was Ryan Blaney taking home the big check I don't really spend a lot of money so probably put it in the banker Put it towards the retirement fund I don't know But we'll see I might buy a new set of tires for a new motor for dance spring cartoon That's probably what I'll do Blaine survived four separate stages avoided multiple cautions and as he crossed the finish line the caution came out He thought he had won the race and dropped his window net but the race wasn't over and then he had to re secure the net and hold off Denny Hamlin who was chasing him down from second I think that caught all of us off guard and so it was kind of short lived panic mode in my spot of like how the hell am I going to get this window net back up Austin Cedric finished third Jerry Jordan Fort Worth Texas

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