Uvalde police chief resigns from city council


Is to be made public later today The police chief who oversaw the response to the uvalde Texas elementary school shooting has now resigned from the city council Heat arradondo resignation doesn't come until the third paragraph of his letter where he says it's in the best interest of the community for him to step down as a city council member to quote minimize further distractions He says the mayor city council and city staff must continue to move forward to unite our community CBS Peter king Australian researchers are finding ways to preserve soon to be transplanted body organs for a longer period more from reporter Scott mayman One of the big issues during transplant so blood transfusions is storage Get a short time frame This leads to a bad $7 million each year being thrown away Researcher doctor Safran Bryant So we're trying to develop new car preservation technologies New preservation includes a new crier protective agent that prolongs the lifespan of platelets and bodily organs ahead of lifesaving transplants Google says it is no longer going to retain information about users who visit abortion clinics This is CBS News

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