It's Been a Very Interesting Time for Primaries in the U.S.


Today is going to be a great episode. We're just going to, I've been saving up some things. We've been going through some interviews when talking to a lot of folks about, you know, different things that have really been interesting as we go as this week is progress. You know, selection. We've been in primary after primary probably to use these have been dominated for primaries. Our podcast from just the other day with chip Lake, talked about the in depth of how campaigns work and what parameters what people are going through when it comes to candidates and also campaign operatives on the days leading up to a primary. And we've seen a lot of different things happening. You look across the country, you've seen president Trump's endorsement as we've talked about still being very powerful. If you look at Ohio, you look at the Senate race there. Taking JD Vance and moving him from really the endorsement itself moved him from fourth place with no hope to first place by ten points and also the help of Peter field with about

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