Climate change and vanishing islands threaten brown pelicans


Brown pelicans are threatened as islands they nest in disappear The awkward yet elegant brown pelicans nesting on queen Bess island or an icon of the Gulf Coast They disappeared from Louisiana except for on the state flag but rebounded after conservation efforts in the 1970s Scientists now say climate change is drowning the few islands they rely on for nesting The rate of change that's happening right now and is faster than anything these birds have ever experienced throughout their evolutionary history Jimmy Nelson is a biologist with the university of Louisiana at Lafayette We're seeing signs like we saw back then but we're not responding to them like we should She had an activist Theresa dardar supports efforts to restore the islands that protect both the pelicans and local tribal communities She says she remembers when places now underwater were dry enough for cattle to graze They don't have a place to lay within what's going to happen I'm Jennifer King

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