Former Georgia Governor Zell Miller Took Leadership to the Next Level


As we've talked about leadership on this podcast before and it's being who you are and it's taking that ownership. Zell Miller took that to a different extreme. He took ownership of what he did. He was forceful and had a work ethic that was unmatched many times in politics to get things done. And zell Miller at the end of the day will be remembered here in Georgia for the hope scholarship, which is gave well over a $1 billion to allow students to go to college. He's will be remembered for the pre-K program at universal pre-K program. There was one of the first of its kind back in the 1990s. Again, this money from the lottery. He was a man who brought the lottery to Georgia, which most people never thought would happen, said it would go for education, made it true, and it is still working today. So why would zell Miller a Democrat who had success as a Democrat, governor, two term governor in Georgia, had a success as a United States senator appointed by the next governor Roy Barnes to fill the seat of Paul coverdale. Why would he stand at this 2004 convention and go against his own party? Go against some of the things. And it's comes down to basically his upbringing for lack of a better term. And also his experience in the United States Marine Corps. Zell Miller was a marine till he died. And Marine Corps made the lasting impression upon him that he wrote down in a little book called core values. Corbett is everything you need to know. I learned in the marines. And I was going back through my bookshelf the other day and I was reading through this and I was looking at political courage and I was seeing Joe Biden and the Biden administration seemingly blaming everybody else in the world for all of their problems and everything going on. That this book just stuck

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