officer 's use of force questioned


Assistant police chief ashan Benedict says heart graze into others were being followed by officers after a shooting at Georgia avenue and longfellow street when an officer caught up with heart graves he gave him a command Those commands were not complied with and he discharged his weapon one time In cases involving serious use of force MPD is required to release body camera footage within 5 business days and only sagal WTO news A local man who drove hundreds of miles to confront a man about dating his adult daughter in North Carolina is now there in jail on a murder charge Investigators say 46 year old James mccally of Alexandria drove more than 300 miles to confront 27 year old Jared musgrove in North Carolina The onslow county sheriff's office says that on July 5th Macaulay shot musgrove after Macaulay showed up and after the two began to fight musgrove's mother tells W ITN There never would have believed he was so naive but he didn't have a word about that guy would shoot him A judge has set Macaulay's bond at $500,000 John Aaron WTO P news 30 lawmakers from Virginia want the Biden administration to take action on

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