Moving From Action to Administration With LTG Jerry Boykin


You as a man of action. I mean, you're just a gregarious guy. You love big, you talk, you're there. You want to be an action. That's what about you the force to start with. When you started moving toward the more administrative roles, how did that for someone like you how did that make was that different? Was that almost a more difficult challenge? Oh, yeah. I mean, it always is, especially when you're sent from being on the front lines with the Delta force up to The Pentagon. You know, that's like being thrown off to San Francisco bridge or something. But you know what, what was good about that was, I. Actually was only only the staff therefore a little while, and I got sent over to the CIA. So I spent a couple of years at CIA running covert actions there to CIA. And so it kind of put me back in the fight, so to speak, and that was a great assignment. And I got to tell you, don't ever say anything bad about CIA around me, because they are, they have some of the finest professionals in the government. And then when I came back for my second tour at The Pentagon, I wound up going over to the Balkans running a task force there to capture war criminals, remember after the Dayton accords, there had been an agreement that all of the war and factions would turn in the people that were identified as war criminals, but they didn't do it. So I was running a task force out of Sarajevo that was capturing war criminals and that was that was a great assignment. I mean, I really enjoyed that. And then I left that job after about a year and came back to take over all the green berets, but I got to tell you, I just kept getting put back into those positions where I could feel like I was still part of the game.

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