Smylie Kaufman Looks Back on His 2016 Masters Battle With Jordan Spieth

Fore The People


Then you go to the masters and everybody remembers watching you battle with Jordan Spieth that week. Yeah. Talk about that. Oh, God. Just an incredible week. Really felt like that place set up well for my game. Drove the shit out of it. That entire week. Like, as good of a driving week as I've ever had. I remember. They didn't have like the strokes gained thing on the master things. You couldn't see how well you actually did drive it, but it was so windy. And it was just like this past year. At that shot, 69 on Saturday. And I went to Augusta this year for the first time since that masters. So I was out there on Saturday this year and I think it was probably eerily similar to the Saturday that I shot 69 and was the low guy. Cameron Smith shot 68 and being outside the ropes and seeing, you just didn't see a four under that day. So obviously I was in a good frame of mind because I was, you know, I just really felt like I had control of the golf ball. Good wind player. It was blowing 30. Just didn't screw up any. Just put it in the right places and it was an awesome week till Sunday just kind of ran out of gas a little bit. It's one of those days until you experience that final and you've experienced final rounds of majors. You just gotta have those momentum pots to keep you going. Just to keep the mojo going and I kept missing the mojo putts and eventually by the end of the day, I think I was four or 5 over going into 16 and just finished four over on the last four. So this work kind of got over hyped for what I actually did shoot but the thing for three to 5 three putts that day and I'm not a three

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