J.D. Vance Joins Sebastian to Talk 2022 Politics


Com first guest of the day. Wonderful time and given the big, big things happening across the country tomorrow, Pennsylvania elsewhere is an individual who kind of embodies the new breed of maga America first author entrepreneur JD Vance. Welcome back to America first. Thanks for having me, Seth, good to be with you. Now, you worked in public relations in the Marine Corps. You're an incredibly successful author. Now you're a citizen politician, got to get your take on the deplorable thing didn't work too well for Hillary. You know, Americans took it as a kind of badge of courage, this insult. Now, after 6 months, we find out 6 months of very expensive focus group analysis, they came up with the ultra maga insult that Biden used. Do you think this is going to fair as well as deplorables did? No, I don't said. I mean, look, the big problem here is the Democrats that got to stop insulting the people who they want to vote for them. So common sense, you know, we don't like a lot of Democrat politicians and I don't like a lot of Democrat leaders and the media industrial complex that supports them. But you don't insult people who are, you want their vote. This is something that Hillary Clinton never learned. It's not just the ultra maga thing. Do you remember the vaccine mandate speech that Biden gave probably, I don't know, 8 or 9 months ago so and the way that he talked about the unvaccinated were like basically like they were sewer rats that they were about to enter and experience a winter of death and discontent. It just don't talk about people like that in a constitutional republic, but of course these people don't see themselves as leaders in a constitutional republic. They see themselves as rulers of their subjects and that's the

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