Distraught teen told of Cosby sex abuse, friend testifies


The first day of testimony is done in the Bill Cosby sexual assault case in California I want to go I want to leave Those are the words of witnesses a 16 year old Judy huff told her minutes after a force sexual encounter with Bill Cosby at the Playboy mansion in the mid 1970s Donna Samuelson huff's best friend at the time was the first witness in the case in which hoth is suing Cosby for assault Samuelson who was just 17 said she wanted to spend the rest of the day at the famed celebrity playpen and was upset that her year younger friend wanted to leave until she told her Cosby had tried to have sex with her Samuelson shot two photos of Cosby and huffed together that day images shown constantly to the jury on day one of the trial A Moscow's Gabriel

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