How John Rawls' 'Veil of Ignorance' Can Be Applied to Abortion


The philosopher John Rawls is believed to be one of the most influential philosophers of the 20th century. Now there are some people who would say he was the most influential. He was certainly not the greatest philosopher of the century. I think you'd have to say that that was Martin heidegger. The German thinker who was at least for a time infatuated by the Nazis, but nevertheless, whose philosophical reputation is in the league of the great 19th century philosophers like Nietzsche and schopenhauer and then the 18th century philosophers like Kant and others. Now Rawls, however, was a political philosopher. And he's most famous for his book called a theory of justice, published in 1971. I'm telling you all this because Rawls name was recently invoked by a law professor. In the context of the Supreme Court decision this is the Dobbs decision overturning roe versus wade. And he has a really a bardone writing quote, Rawls wrote that the Supreme Court was the quote exemplar of public reason end quote. How sad it is to see how wrong he was. So according to bardon, the Rawls, who always believed that morality is not merely a function of instinct, but is a function of reason. We can reason our way to a sound conclusion.

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