Police Response to Shootings Boils Down to Execution


Anything that you put into place. Now think about this. Even if you have police departments who are trained in these instant shooters, even if you have others who are going through this and their mindset is, this is what we've got to do without proper execution, you end up with these kind of issues and you see really what has become a box response. Now it's not just unique to Texas, we saw this in Parkland as well. And there was a lot of fallout after Parkland. This is why you got into the other issues of hardening schools and putting one entryway in, always locked a secondary entrance that could block someone from coming in. These are the things that you can do to harden schools that would not have allowed in this case. The shooter to come in through a side interest. If you funnel all entries through one area, you can better control it. Again, these are things that actually could have slowed or stopped this individual from getting into the classrooms. And we had a door that was, you know, that was malfunctioning. We had, again, a lot of issues here. I lay all this out to say, okay, what do you do to fix this? And the outcry was consistently gun control gun control gun control. These AR-15s are the terrible thing. They're the reason that all this happened. They're instruments that were used by very disturbed person. Who, by the way, as we said earlier in this podcast, would have never drawn any scrutiny or anything from it. Do you have a record or anything else? Because there wasn't

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