Michele Tafoya: To Politicians, Any Compromise Feels Like a Loss


Right. I mean, it's like a movie. It's like, it's like two immovable objects. You're so right about how we get entrenched in our and I'll tell you why I'll speak for myself why we worry about any wiggle room on the Second Amendment. You got people like Michael Moore just came right out yesterday, said time to repeal the Second Amendment. You've got people like President Biden, who literally said the Second Amendment is an absolute. Now I get that. There is a nuance there and I'm no constitutional scholar. I know the old argument about, well, you can't buy a bazooka and keep in the front yard on the other hand if we let anti gun politicians determine what kind of guns Americans are allowed to keep and bear. We're going to, we're not going to have any guns. Well, that's the slippery slope that everyone's afraid of, right? Right. But my husband and I were discussing this yesterday because it was the same thing that happened in the wake of the roe V wade leak that it was either your pro choice all the way up to 9 months or conception is the start of life. That moment. No, there is nuance to this. There are shades of this. There is a middle ground. Right. And I'm afraid that no one's willing to go there because they don't really want to lose the argument and they feel like any amount of compromise equals losing the argument and letting the other side win. When in fact, if we're going to function as a country, we've got to get together on this. And work hard on the difficult issues. It takes hard work. That better damn well be while you're in Washington because you went there to work hard, not because you wanted to go to the cocktail parties and have a job for life.

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