Inaction in Uvalde: Did the Police Fail the 19 Children?


What has happening in uvalde Texas. Now, these reports as they come out, they are usually inaccurate. The rule of kind of breaking news is that it's more likely to be wrong early than right early. But as the as time goes on, usually accuracy starts to improve. So there is a new report out that is shocking and it starts to make sense as to how this evil individual was able to kill so many people and why a border tactical person had to intervene. Now before going further, I want to say police officers are heroes. They're wonderful. But like any profession, there are cowards, and there are bad police officers, bad teachers, there's bad everything. We've said this all along. We do not indict an entire profession. However, there is a theme that seems to happen whenever things start to get very chaotic and very consequential, whether it be Columbine or Parkland, there is a theme of the bystander syndrome. Now you can learn a lot about somebody when shots started to get firing with shots were firing. When the adrenaline starts to pump, unfortunately, a vast majority of people stand and do nothing. It is the rare and the courageous person that springs into action and defends the innocent. A new report is so beyond shocking it will take your breath away. Texas shooter barricaded himself for 40 minutes as police waited. The shooter had killed 19 children and two teachers at rob elementary school meeting from breitbart dot com and Yuval day Texas on Tuesday reportedly barricaded himself inside as police waited outside. For 40 minutes.

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