'The View' Goes After TPUSA Students


Ended up happening. The view because in a desperate plea to try to become relevant again, decided to go out of their way to go smear and slander 5000 turning point USA students. So the view started with saying the following, they uncut 47, Sarah Haynes from the view decried the turning point USA event because it explodes young exposed younger people to conservative politics and how it started. I don't like because it caters to younger Republicans. You have a lot of hope that younger people won't choose parties, yeah, okay, play cut 47. Well, the turning point thing, I think, is I don't like it because it caters to younger Republicans, which you have a lot of hope that younger people, especially in politics. We see so many bipartisan groups that say, let's not pick a party. Let's all come together. And this was geared towards that. And if you listen to a lot of the rhetoric, it's on point and on brand for them these days. Yeah, let's just all come together. I wonder if she says that about BLM or AOC. No, no, they only don't like partisanship when turning point USA does. By the way, we're not even a partisan organization. It's a wrong label where an educational organization. We are anti woke pro American pro liberty pro constitution. We are not pro Republican. We do have a political arm turning point accident hosts that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, but they won't be bothered with facts. Joy behar then talked about the turning point thing and I have to just say this. Do you know how much joy it gives me that turning point is an extended topic of conversation on the view? It's a phenomenal accomplishment for our entire staff for our team for everyone involved at turning point USA. They got nothing better to do than talk about this goes to show that we are the center of the conservative universe

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