Democrats Are Willing to Sacrifice the Constitution for Their Agenda


Going to play a clip here from representative Sicily, who is actually the sponsor of this assault weapon, man. He's very blunt. He used a strong language, but he had just flat out says, I don't care about your constitutional argument. Take a listen. So spam me the. About constitutional rights. The gentleman. No, I will not. And I'm not going to yield for my entire 5 minutes so don't ask again. Wow. I mean, is there any doubt? I mean, Democrats are willing to sacrifice the constitutional amendments that we have. If they don't fit their political agenda, this is the problem that we've had all along, especially with this court in this past cycle in particular, this past month, when you had court rulings in the school choice case up in Maine, you had it in the school prayer or the prayer case with a coach Kennedy case. You had it in the gun case out of New York. And you had it, of course, in the Hobbes decision out of Mississippi, in which you roe versus wade was overturned. Now, this is just a recurring theme when they don't like what is happening. The jobs in case and others here, when they don't like what is happening, they just tend to blame the court. They blame the interpretation. They don't like the amendments. You know, the court is now an activist court because it doesn't fit their agenda. Now when it was an activist court implementing roe V wade when it was an activist court, you know, defining the separation, this wall of separation in the defining of the free expression and the establishment clause in the First Amendment, they didn't know have any problem with that. But when it's done fit their agenda, they don't like it.

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