Renee Graziano Busted for DWI


You know, earlier today, I saw a picture of someone who isn't the person we knew back several years ago when the show mob wives was on TV. Have you seen the picture of Renee Graziano? Let's go with the trends. The trends of Renee Graziano, Jesus Christ and yeesh, when did she turn into a Kardashian? She looks more like Kim and Kylie and Khloe than Kris Jenner does for fuck's sake. But I saw this picture because brene Graziano, who says she's 52, my ass is now the newest inducted member of the big growing list of celebrities who get D, wi's. She had a parked car on the streets of Staten Island. This is fucking terrible. How long before she parties with Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian on Staten Island? Oh my God. When we were kids, we were told, stay off the roads. There's so many cops. You gotta be careful. Nowadays, it's all about stay off the roads. There's too many reality TV messes on the

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