DL Hughley: Uvalde Police Waited to Confront Gunman


Yet. Somebody that I have been waiting to do a diss track on. It's almost like a rapper. I want to diss this person. Is DL hughley. I've been, I told the lord, I said, lord, please give me a radio show. That's big enough and syndicated. So I can tell the truth about DO hughley. I used to love DIA hughley. He was a part of the kings of comedy, I used to love him growing up. He's an incredible comedian, but this man is so woke. And he hates white people so much. That is sickening to me. And he's always talking about people like me and others like me who are black who are conservative and he's even named me because my uncle used to listen to deal he will then deal healey start talking trash about me on the radio and so my uncle told me and he said he don't mess with DL he did no more. Because DIA hughley is fake to me. And he's an example in his exemplification of the weak black men in America. That literally can not think for themselves. And everything that come out of their mouth is from the perspective of a complete victim. Now, I have talked about you to the point where I'm done even I don't even want to say the word y'all anymore. However, DL hughley decided to make comments about Yuval D and I wanted to give him an honest take on it. But he can't help but make it about race. So without further ado, let's play the deal, he could clip where he's talking about you valdi. It definitely retreated. When I saw that video from the first though, who the hell is the mayor to get more mad at the video coming out than the police officers who perpetrated being police officers on that day? Because all right, put a pause on it. So before he says this, he talks about governor Abbott. He mentions that governor Abbott came out and said the police did everything they could do and in the next day governor ever said he was disappointed that he was then told he wasn't told accurate information.

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