What's in the Bipartisan Gun Legislation Agreement?


Of stuff from senator cornyn's office on the bill. It reads, quote, this is a targeted bit of a legislation addressing specific problems that have led to recent mass shooting. Get that, they're specifically addressing evolving. And there was news on baldy, which I'll come to in a second. Unless you are adjudicated mentally ill or a convicted violent criminal, your Second Amendment rights are not affected by this bill. So don't get upset. If you are a gun proponent, a gun owner, it's not going to impact you. In your law abiding. The proposal ensures schools are safe, kids are protected without placing new restrictions on law abiding gun owner. Big new investment mental healthcare, including in rural areas, more resources for school safety and school hardening helps keep gun out of the hands of those who aren't supposed to have them. Federal funding to implement programs help those suffering from mental illness, like veterans courts homelessness courts assisted outpatient treatment, increases the mental health and suicide prevention programs crisis and trauma intervention. That's all good. Invests in telehealth, mental health services in schools, including early identification and intervention. Intervention made the key to me. They've known they have known from the beginning, who the disturbed children are, and when they turn 18, they ought not to be able to run out and get a gun. And so, there are additional times for waiting if you're between 18 and 20. And if there's a reason for concern, it's a ten day waiting period, and that's good.

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