Elon Musk Just Had an Epic Meeting With Twitter Employees


Right, let's turn to some fun stuff. Twitter, Twitter, Elon Musk, just drive and everybody over Twitter absolutely crazy. He had a meeting with employees today that he did over cell phone and he spoke to them as he promised he would and let's just say they're not too psyched. They're not rolling out the red carpet for Elon anytime soon. And he said some stuff that caused them to get very, very worried. In fact, one of the things he said is he would err on the side of allowing outrageous tweets. He's okay with outrageous tweets. This is a company that has worked very, very hard to sort of control what's out there if you would. And there are certain biases, shall we just say that I think have been reflected in how they manage that quote unquote control. So now you get this guy coming out of outer space, shall we say he did say it had never seen an alien, by the way. But anyway, he's coming in from we're going to say outer space, Texas, right? I think for a lot of Twitter employees, Texas might as well be outer space. And he suggesting things that would effectively turn the company on its head from everything that they've known, but I do believe one would be better for society and two will ultimately be better for the company as well. Because he wants to grow to a billion users. They've got roughly 229 million. I believe for their last filing, that's if they're all legit users, right? Because don't forget, that's another wrinkle in all of this. As Elon Musk threatens to get out of the deal as Elon Musk threatens to renegotiate the deal, I'll get to that in a second, but first back to this meeting, one of the issues that came up was whether or not employees would be able to work from home. Don't forget what he said to Tesla employees, like no way no how? And if you have a problem with that, come see me directly. Well, he told the Twitter employees that it would be considered for really exceptional employees. So apparently they were all conversing with each other on slack as this whole thing was going on and they were like, oh, you know, what is an exceptional employee and apparently sending memes and there was a lot of sort of hazing and teasing about the presentation. But look, he's talking about rocking their world. And that's never fun. Right? It's not fun for them, it's not fun for the establishment, but I think ultimately it could be incredibly healthy for our

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