Charlie Unpacks the Failed Referendum to Outlaw Abortion in Kansas


I want to talk about Kansas. I have talked a little bit about this ballot issue in Kansas, and so for example, we got an email here of some people in Kansas. Hey Charlie, I'm a kansan pro life and Christian. I voted in person and yes, for the value them both amendment. It was very confusing language on the ballot, but we do have many Christians and churches supporting choice. It was heartbreaking, but nothing has changed as far as I could tell. Basically it seems the amendment was just for future protection laws. It goes on to say this is a big hit for us, but it's not the end. Thanks for all that you do. And so I have a couple takes on this. Number one, I think it was very poorly worded. I think that there was legitimate confusion. But I have another take on this that I do want to build out here that you might feel free to disagree with. I'm a 100% pro life, however, I do think that there are more people in Republican circles that are not as pro life as they might espouse publicly. That's not to say that they're totally pro choice. But I actually think that and I think it goes both ways, by the way. I think that there's some people that say there are a 100% pro choice that are actually more pro life than not. And this is only just from private conversations and from talks with people that some people start to get very, very nervous and they say, well, Charlie, what about this circumstance? What about that circumstance? It's done in private. It's not done publicly. And so that's not to say that it's a pro choice political party or anything, but I do think we have to lean in and do a much better job of explaining what does it actually mean to be pro life. And so I think there's a combination of things here. Very poorly worded ballot referendum. Churches that did not do their job, adequately based on people in Kansas, but I think that there is a private and soon to be realized whether or not I'm correct or not. Let's just say little bit of a hedge. In some Republican circles, that might not necessarily be on board for the pro life cause as much as it might seem.

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