Matt Vespa: The Republican Base Changed, Cheney Opted Not To


Matt Vespa writes. The Republican base changed, Cheney opted not to, so August is where she'll end her career. Matt Vespa writes, does this at town hall? Does this family not comprehend that their time is over? And no Donald Trump isn't the greatest threat our republic ever faced is historical illiteracy and other affliction impacting the Cheney clan? If Liz ventured back to her state once in a while, she'd know that her voters can't stand her. Liz Liz Cheney isn't going to stop Trump from another run at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue because her little kangaroo court select committee can't find anything that warns a criminal indictment. Second, she's going to lose her primary. Wyoming conservatives had enough of her anti Trump shenanigans. We have a strong candidate in Harriet hagman. Liz's days are numbered, and this cringe worthy ad from Dick Cheney might have cost her votes.

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