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Between rob Woodall and Caroline Bordeaux. We'll get a second look tomorrow during a news conference this morning producer. She's well within her rights to ask for this recount. We could ask her recount if it was one percent, and this is point one four percent margin right now, she says she wants it done by hand because we're the fold is on the absentee ballot. Could cause some errors. And as fate would have it the crease runs right through my name, and many election experts have told us that this will cause errors in the recount. The recount is set for tomorrow. Michelle Wright, WSB a federal judge has ordered the Trump administration to accept asylum seekers, no matter where or how they entered the US. This follows the president's proclamation denying asylum to most border-crossers as response to the migrant caravans in issuing the temporary restraining order US district. Judge John tiger said whatever the scope of the. President's authority. He may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that congress has expressly forbidden the department of homeland security has not commented on the ruling which remains in effect for one month, barring an appeal, and that's Julie Walker reporting Ivanka Trump reportedly used her private account to send hundreds of emails. Cecilia vega. Reporting this morning at the White House is this is nothing like the Hilary Clinton Email scandal vodka Trump's legal team released a statement saying while transitioning into government, MS Trump's sometimes used her private account almost always for logistics and scheduling concerning her family her team says she did not create a private server in her house or office. There was never classified information. Transmitted the account was never transferred or housed at Trump organization. No emails were ever deleted. And finally to of south Dakota's most famous turkeys are at the White House today peas and carrots, that's their names. They'll be pardoned by President Trump and the two thousand eighteen Turkey. Pardon as we take a look at the WSB marketwatch. The Dow right now down four hundred seventy three points at twenty four thousand five hundred forty four. The NASDAQ is down one hundred three the s&p is all forty five WBZ news time ten three. This news update brought to you by the Hoffman financial.

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