Baseball Hall of Fame: Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay among the 35 players on the 2019 ballot


He was twenty votes short last time on the ballot. Andy Pettitte, Todd Helton, Michael young and Miguel. Tejada also are among the newcomers on the ballot Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are back on the ballot. Two for the seventh. Time will toilet day an effort towards governments and businesses to invest more in sanitation is being marked around the globe Monday with African countries. Among the neediest a new report by the group water. Eight says an estimated three hundred forty four million children in sub Saharan Africa lack of toilet at home leaving them vulnerable to water-borne infections, while the UN wants governments to spend more on sanitation the Geneva-based toilet board. Coalition says it's the business of the decade where private enterprise could step in when governments are unwilling or enable to the United Nations set a target in two

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