What to expect from Apple's iPad and Mac event



It's got an event next week in New York City at the Brooklyn academy of music on Tuesday morning, ten AM eastern. So all of you people who like to tune into apple events that's three hours earlier because it's ten AM, but it's a New York. So it's three hours earlier. So you'd better get up three hours earlier and watch the apple event a lot of rumors about this event. Updated ipad pros with face ID and an updated industrial design a new entry level. Mac notebook. Maybe updated MAC. Minis an ipad minis, I don't know about. I had many. That's so weird. Anyway, I just wanted to do a little little apple vent. Check in to get what you guys think about your sort of your expectations and about what we might see and what you're excited about coming out of Brooklyn next week straight out of Brooklyn. Let's start with Tom. What do you think? Yeah. I'm looking foods with a interesting the holding in Brooklyn. What was he going for this? Okay. They did the same thing for the school event. Right in Chicago. Yeah. Says let's say something about that. And all ipad. So they they they wouldn't that be these particular events away from the Hague Kyun stuff. BS for the pep pro. The only pipe pro. Within each of these something different. They need to it needs to be more than what it is. I think it's like slutty confused as to what is the moment, and by Finn software, and hardware. They've does gesture changes in Iowa, and they keep doing them get little confusing if he's an iphone as well. So I wanna see if they can like make that little bit neater with deaf you on the southwest side by also I think everyone just wants them to do acephalous one in Iowa. Has basically everyone wants. I think I didn't quite ready to do that probably. But I definitely light to see them improve the keyboard. And just just the ability to have to touch display have some soul Poitou integration with touching display and beim too. Many play and they'll be you can now we'll just have an attack pet. I I don't dunno. like that just needs to be something there because I think it's just not quite where it needs to be right now be like the things I want to say do those Moshel fill at quicken. See an I pep pry with small pedals face on a day better. Prices all the stuff that we would expect budgeting. Keyboard side of things will be will be the most interesting. Mac which Reno. What do the macro Nellie seems? They seem to just kind of an I like frontier. Much into. Pat on into China's well like it feels like he's a little lost the max load of things. So I'm hoping that they can come back with a comeback strong mechanize room is of an updated the Mike bouquet with that set. She called him at Buca. That'd be crazy. Not cool at Mike Ditka. But on a low people disagree. But I feel like it's a name is like clinic. I feel it the naming doesn't really make much sense across they put us anyway. Saif? A I feel like if they they might picket Amos, it doesn't really matter. But I do need to competitive. Let's hope I'm Mba's ago easing windows, laptops, like five is goes Toby's Pence, but just just trash. The system itself. Just wasn't quite they've really come back. Little at the times have been pushed us business stuff today. Much Pettus it there's a little more competition. Apple unimportant has had in the premium into the mocha. So definitely want to see them respond with some family maximum.

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