Rami Malek's response to question about Freddie Mercury being a gay icon doesn't go so well

Mason & Ireland


Ones. Dan Reynolds, who's the front man for imagine dragons, okay, and Marcus Mumford who's the front man for Mumford and sons stays are those are pry guys on my list. I had Bono on my list axl rose in his prime with guns and roses roses. Unbelievable. George Clinton with phone. Fuck Adele, parliament, he's like a ringmaster basically when he's states because there's just like fifteen musicians Robert plant, Mick Jagger, cr- the late. Chris Cornell Soundgarden was phenomenon Anthony Keita's, Anthony Keita's great Chuck d with public enemy sort of a different type of group, but he's like Brandon flowers from the killers. Okay. Yeah. I mean, those are those are all great frontman WADA, really good frontman. So the movies bad. It's about twenty two percent or song. I know does he sing? I what I'm not sure about this Romney Malik actually side that we I would hope that he doesn't only because if you try to sing and get yourself compared against Freddie Mercury. You're gonna lose. Yeah. No question. That's just set yourself. That's

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