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About twenty minutes ago. The caravan was turning around that was an AP story and an update on this. The caravan is turning around at one checkpoint. But it's not going home. It is regrouping. The caravan is regrouping, which means. That whoever is organizing. This is calling a timeout. And re strategizing. The plan is still to come to the United States and to get here before the midterm elections. Now, I mentioned to you the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo went down to Mexico. From Saudi Arabia. He went tomato. And now, here's the administration line Pompeo is saying congress needs to change the laws. So that this doesn't happen. Congress needs to pass laws to make sure this does. Well, what that means is the Trump administration is turning this back to congress. They're dumping it back in Congress's lap. And saying this is your problem. We've got laws here that's should keep this from happening. But if they're not you need to come up with something else to stop this. So Trump is essentially saying Pompeo four Trump is saying look, we we cannot take unilateral executive action on this. We've already got laws preventing these people from getting into the country. But what's happening prior to that? Congress needs to do something. So I don't know whether this is a strategic or not that if it is. It means that here we are with a little over two weeks for the midterms and the Trump administration is throwing this off of their plate and back on Congress's plate. So that whatever happens they think they will have protected themselves from now go back to a strategically that a caller call here with earlier and said that the idea of this caravan is to demonstrate that Trump has not kept the promise on the wall is to demonstrate to Trump voters that despite all the talk. He hasn't done a thing to stop illegal immigration. And I think that's a pretty good theory. Then you add in the chaos that will happen and you throw in the possibilities. If they do get to the border and do cross that they would be separated. And that's one of all those issues that I went through in the last hour that came and went and didn't have any glue or have any legs that one did. I'll never forget. I was out in California. I got so frustrated I was playing golf with a friend of mine who's one of us. And it was during the time the drive bys, and the Democrats are making all this noise about how Trump was separating families children from their mothers, this guy who's up to speed on this stuff says Russia's pictures, look and come on, you know, the pictures of made up. This don't care us the pictures looked banned. It looks really bad. You don't you're not really fallen for just rush the pictures, look bad. We gotta do something pictures Louis. Oh my gosh. I this guy was smart enough to know that he was falling for a media trick. But the pictures look what he was telling me was I can't defend this. I have people complain to me about Trump's separating. I can defend that the pictures. Rush the pictures. So that's the one thing that has had legs. Okay. To the audio sound if you're on hold. If you're on the phones be patient. We're coming to you L quicko. This is the sound bite from the Hannity interview last night that FOX had been playing all day long to get people's reaction. I still say that I think there are things have yet to happen that are going to determine outcomes in some races. The we don't know. So it's still very hard to predict cavenaugh feedback reaction was one hundred percent positive for Republicans and Democrats really blew that. But there's four hundred thirty five of these things. I don't know. I just rely on hope which is again naive. I don't have survey data. I don't trust it. It hasn't been right consistently enough for me, the people doing these surveys desperately want Trump gaulan, I don't know how they can take that out of their work. I don't believe a pure object. So I distrust if I. Put you on the spot prediction, the we hold the house, and we increase the Senate because I think that's Justice. I think that's just I think the democrat party deserves to lose in the single biggest electoral landslide defeat in my lifetime meals. They actions they've taken just in the last month. Okay. So that might that might lit up the Fox News channel today. Our first stop is America's newsroom Bill Hemmer. And today's Julia Mandera says host after talking to famed Republicans strategic Ed Rollins about my comment Thames deserve to Lou. Correct on that front as half right on the other front. I think we'll add some Senate cities. I think the house is very very much in jeopardy. So you are buying into this. Rush Limbaugh said they'd hold it. They don't count votes. Like I do. I ran a congressional committee. I've been doing it a long time. There are fifteen seats that are now gone nine of those open seats. There's another twenty five to thirty that are our seats. That are in play is only about two or three Democrats seats are in play. We're told me on the defense. Everything has to go our way to basically break, even let me run through them. See this is the stuff that I'm going to be honest with you. I do not get into this stuff. This is this wonk. Stuff. And to me. This is totally absent any any. What's the word personality, or I mean, this is just raw numbers based on data? That is the result of polling and. I know as well as anybody that polling sometimes as right sometimes it's wrong, and I just sat in the bite. I'm just suspicious. Of of polling units. Because I think I don't think these people can take their passion and their desired outcome out of their work. And we know that they don't we look at the presidential polls in two thousand sixteen. I mean, people were all literally caught short. There was no way. Donald Trump is going to win. It was just not possible. Hillary was gonna win in a landslide. Maybe not the biggest ever, but Trump didn't have a prayer. And there was one maybe two polls that showed that he was really in it and could win it. Rasmussen was when they were ignored. And we've got a replay here. See what informs me what makes me make these kind of predictions is reality. And as I also mentioned last night since Barack Obama was elected in two thousand eight starting in two thousand ten including the midterms in two thousand twelve. And the midterms in two thousand fourteen and the election of two thousand sixteen the democrat party has lost twelve hundred seats. The trend is people voting out Democrats. And that was happening while the Democrats were in the White House with Obama there that could be a factor. Obama's gone. So maybe the anti sentiment is not as high as it used to be when he was there is I do believe he was a drag of the democrat party. But. Then I asked myself what has happened in the last two years. To make people all of a sudden want to elect Democrats again. As everybody's telling us is going to happen houses gone rush the Senate. Yeah, we're probably pick up a couple of houses gone. And then they say because Rushdie's house races have nothing to do with any of the way, you're looking at this. These are really local races. And they are have have to deal with things that are not on any national radar. Well, not true. These races are being nationalized by the various candidates in them. But anyway, what has happened to make people all of a sudden stop rejecting Democrats are the Democrats have they done a one eighty are. They now performing and executing and behaving in ways that make people love them again. Well, no, not in a just insane world. The Democrats aren't doing anything that would grow. Support they're promoting rage and anger. They're promoting insanity. Lunatic behavior. So then okay. Maybe as it Trump. Is there this much opposition to Trump from people who didn't care one way or the other two years ago has the media succeeded in creating a bunch of anti-trump sentiment? In a midterm turnout profile of voters. Well, that would have to be what it is. Because the Democrats are not Democrats. Say the Justice associated with the democrat doing his landslide defeat. The Democrats are not responsible for anything. Good happening in this country. And they're not even trying to be associated they'll even trying to claim credit for the economy. They did for a couple of weeks, they tried it Obama out. Remember Obama was trying to say the economy was his well that went over like a lead balloon, and they died with it. So they abandoned that an outside of that. There hasn't been one attempt by the Democrats associate themselves with anything good happening in America. They have instead continued to try and portray America as this unfair unjust undeserved. Exceptional superpower. That discriminates that violates that impugns that. It's all negative. So I'm just where is this body of evidence that suggest the trend voting against Democrats is reversed? Again, I acknowledge house races are. Not the same as a presidential race with national issues. National turnout on balance, Shannon bream last night. Fox News at night with Shannon bream. Wonders what my strategy was in predicting what I predict almost. No polling shows that the Republicans are going to hold onto the house. So where do you think this is coming from a with Rush Limbaugh? What's the strategy? I tend to agree with him. And I think what we could be seeing is again, the phenomenon the poli experts. Call the spiral of silence, the shy Trump voters the Brexit vote. The kind of people who know that it's not the dumb thing necessarily to support a particular view but secretly in the polling booth. That's what they do that Steve Hilton who has a weekend show on FOX, and he was instrumental in the Brexit vote in the UK. And so re Limbaugh getting this. There's not a single poll outfitter shows this happening precisely my point. Not a single poll not a single poll shows it. So from this where to conclude and these people live and die by Paul's. I'm telling you folks, nine out of ten people in DC live and die by their gospel. And I really think if I lived in Washington each and every I don't I couldn't I I wouldn't be ostracized after not too long. I just couldn't get with the program living there. I've known that for for many, many moons. So hills is yeah, I tend to agree. But I think there's a lot of people don't tell the pollsters the truth. A lot of people don't even answer when the pollsters call. I think there's a lot of people not being contacted up next to Kaley mcenaney who is the spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee TV spot on. So is Rush Limbaugh about this so-called hidden Trump voter, I talked to a pollster who said to me that in the aftermath of election. He went out in Michigan and in California and thirty seven percent of Trump voters said they refused to tell. A pollster when they were called that they supported President Trump thirty seven percent. That's nearly a third of the Trump voters, right? So at least there's FOX able to find a couple of people who. Agree minute will come Shannon bream strategy behind this. I'm just I'm just answering the question what I think I've got no strategy. I'm not trying to make people change the way they're voting. I mean that that's not the purpose of my comment here. I was asked the question, and I gave the answer to it. And the answer is rooted in my instinctive. Distrust of conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is group think even if it is right. I'm reluctant to sign onto it. Just because the group thinks it has to be really right now, here's Trump. This is last night Missoula Montana. This is Trump framing the midterm election day Americans will remember Cavanaugh, and they will remember all sorts of other things because that was a shameful act, and there are many other shameful acts, including what they're doing to our border by saying we're not gonna give you the laws that you need to protect our country. But we're taking it and we're doing it. And we have great.

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