2 men arrested in connection with deputy shooting


Says the deputy was early this morning while checking out a shots fired. Call at an apartment building the deputy had been in the area on a traffic stop. He has had surgery and is in the ICU in critical but stable condition. The news is brought to you by reborncabinets ten million people in California and sixty million worldwide have participated in the world's largest earthquake drill. Even little kids in the hybrid took part, the preschool director at LA brea, United Methodist, Sandra. Cram says the staff tries to make the great shakeout funds. So the kids aren't scared funding. The hall is going under the table when the ground is shaking. And it's like playing a game for the kids, and they go under the table and cover their heads. The earthquake experts say the best advice is to drop where you are cover your head and neck and hold on until the shaking stops two maintenance workers at a water park in Kansas have been acquitted of lying to investigators working the case of a boy who died on one of the parks. Waterslide SRP invoice list price dealer price, Toby Knapp here, if your car shopping, you've probably heard these terms, but what do they mean? It's so confusing. Well, it was confusing not anymore.

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