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On the Cup side race, two of round two of the playoffs for the trucks. It was elimination day, and we've got a lot to discuss on both of those before we had to Kansas speedway this weekend, what he came alongside Joey Meyer and for a while, Joey. It seemed like we had gone back to the future in the nineties, the way the racing style turned out to be at Talladega. It's been a long time since any of us on the roof or in the garage have seen a wood chipping thrashing by one team. So dominant qualifying all four teams in the top four. And then realistically working together and really popping up that bottom line where nobody can do anything with those guys for the entire afternoon. The only enemy that two of the forehead was too much air in the old fuel tank, and that relegated them to a poor finish. But obviously Eric Merola and an Clint Boyer rebel to hold tight in their positions with the dominant dominant performance by Stewart, Australia. If I'm the other team specifically the fourteens I'm almost embarrassed because that was such a thrashing of speed and raw power and maneuverability and workmanship with the teams, they've really just dominated from start to finish at the end. And again, the only thing it took two of the four hours, a lack of fuel. We've seen in the past a Toyota teams, specifically the Gibbs teams try to gang up like that and use it to their advantage, but not as effectively as what we saw yesterday. Yeah. The gives cars in the past with Martin tricks, junior, adding the fifth car. Those guys had worked well together, but they didn't have the raw speed. And that's really what we saw yesterday was the speed that they had on the bottom lane. It didn't matter how much you try to gang up on the middle and high lanes. You simply couldn't get enough speed to overcome their raw speed by themselves. They were able to pull the pack four, five, six tenths quicker than anybody else. Namely the two car got out front. We were running in the nineties in a lab night. You're talking time no time it's at and then the other. Teams wants to Stewart. Haas cars got down. They would pick up five, six tenths of a second. And that's just a dominating performance by those guys. So kudos to them really puts the two car in a bad position, a little Joey. Here's pretty upset because Kevin, I guess I was about to ask you, he run out of gas. He's very sad. I'm sad, Big, Joe little Joe. Very sad. Now, the two cars in a predicament. We have to go to Kansas essentially, excluding any other catastrophic issues. By some other teams, we have to win that race, and that's that's a bad place to be an after a decent season. We've had our team may Joel Gano finished in the top five. So those guys are pretty much moving on, but Ryan Blaney and the twelve car in the two car really, really have to go to Kansas with some high performance. We see we see ourselves air and just we're just trying to. That's our finishing order right there. And the guy that

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