Patience running thin in Florida 5 days after Hurricane Michael


Good afternoon. I'm Nikki medoro. It's been five days since hurricane Michael decimated. Mexico beach in Florida, and dozens of residents are still missing correspondent, Scott McLean reports from the scene that crews are carefully sifting through the heavy rubble. Be search and rescue crews. They've been going through doing an initial search than a more detailed search after that. Now, they're on sort of their last surgeon. It involves those cadaver dogs at last count. There are up to thirty maybe thirty five people who were still unaccounted for though that doesn't necessarily mean that they believe that they're gonna find thirty bodies. They just haven't been able to find those people. They figure that out. A lot of people have left and President Trump mature to some of the hardest hit areas of Florida and the southeast in the wake of hurricane Michael in Lynn, haven, Florida. The president said you have to see the destruction

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