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More hard midterm campaigning on Melissa heading to the border. I'm Evan Haning. More than twenty seven million people have voted ahead of Tuesday's midterm elections. But plenty of votes REM. Maine to be cast President Trump went after those votes at two rallies today in Georgia, the president stunt for GOP gubernatorial candidate, Brian Kemp. Trump told the crowd the caravan of Central American migrants will not be allowed in the US. Rough rough people in many cases. And they're allowed to break through borders. Only larger and bigger we have emboldened these people it's not going to happen. Former President Obama made more appearances for Democrats in Gary, Indiana, he campaigned for incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly who's being challenged by Republican Mike Braun and Obama said America is at a crossroads in the closing weeks of this election. Of course, we have seen repeated attempts to divide us not bring us together. Rhetoric designed to turn on each. This is a very old playbook and unclassified military intelligence assessment of pain by Newsweek says an estimated two hundred unregulated armed militia members are preparing to head to the US Mexico border. The Pentagon has issued warnings to army commanders over concern about unregulated militia self deploring to confront the migrant caravan. That's still hundreds of miles away the sons of slain Washington Post journalist, Jamal cookie or appealing for the return of their father's body in CNN interview, solid cook, she said what led to his death inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul is still a mystery. This is putting a lot of burden on us all of us that everybody's seeking information. Just as we do. They think that we have answers. Unfortunately, we.

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