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Very telling jersey. So you can't tell jersey the Democrats will go democrat just do it. And we listen, I know I was one of them. I would just blindly vote democrat just to blindly that. Okay. So you were always pretty independent. It seems. Yeah. But I was the independent democrat. I was a blue dog and back, then they were Democrats that were mildly conservative. Oh, how about that? Now that just a mildly violent of. So it's I don't know what. But listen, Bob Hugo tomorrow Thomas Carro will join us. I just met this. Nice gentleman. Former chairman of the California Republican party, author Turney Forbes contributor, he's got a new book Frankie five bells is that. Right. I think I'm not sure how new it is. But well, he walked in with a book and Louis plugging on the air, but Thomas is very well known him. Happy had him on the show. Arthur I love have north around the show. You never know. What's going to happen with arthri Dallas? So you never know. And as I like when I plays mother when when Arthur studio NAT plays mother calling in Arthur. Settles down, you know, he becomes a little more controlled because he hears mom. He gets a little. Look, listen, he's a brilliant legal mind. A great guy ever. We're going to talk about this. I see here the note that you put you put that synagogue shooter to face death penalty allow allow that. But like, maybe consider this. It's still pretty rare for the federal government to pursue the death penalty, in certain cases, even rare for them to get it. You know, Timothy McVeigh obviously got the death penalty before that. I'm not sure I think it might have been Tommy karate patera who Matthew Mary's client that the government tried to give the death penalty to Jerry wouldn't do it. Then they tried to do it in another case in Brooklyn with Vincent by Sheena. The jury wouldn't do it. But if there's a time to Napoli said in the debate last night in New York one that if he was he was terrific. What if there was ever anybody? That was a textbook example of someone that deserves the death penalty. It's this guy. Yeah. I'd look for an I-. I'm just saying David bursts gonna join us in the eight o'clock hour Eric Adams coming in Mike Gallagher birdied. Derek is coming in Scotland beta Scott when we really truly he's across. I keep saying as a cross between Norman Rockwell in Jackson Pollock. He's just fantastic artist patriotic artists and activists, and we'll be talking Scotland libido Staten island's finest and Johnny tobacco will join us as as well. John's got as new show Sunday afternoons at one pm on Newsmax TV. Let me grab some call. If I gotta go to Michael in the Bronx, Albert, thanks for waiting, Michael. What is on your mind? This morning. Good morning. I don't know if anybody on the media caught on the CW this weekend on Sunday during the supergirl show. They had all the actors. It was like a programming. We would be programmed. And they kept saying we are open. We open defy anybody that stands in our way. Campaign this this seems to me like, I don't know. It's very scary these actors were tone. It was it was all ordered. You always all very was like, I wouldn't doubt was kind of like a telephone or something like that. You're saying no commercial a commercial. By deceit. It's titled CW dear to defy.

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