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Years of diplomatic experience, no way overnight. Anything we can do, and I hope congress, I hope Pompeo will work for this, and I hope congress will support him is to give the State Department extraordinary authority to hire back retired diplomats desperately needed. They will come back on the right many fell onto the right leadership. Many of them come back even though they're making foam more money in the private sector care care, and it's not about the money or they wouldn't have been doing it in the first place. So I said we'd this wasn't going to be a Downer right podcast. It's going to be a borough. We're going to be positive here. I think electing the right people to congress this year can put us back on the right track or at least prevent further erosion absolute and and stop the incredible shrinking superpower from shrinking more. Absolutely. No, that d- these midterm elections are among the most important in our lifetime because. No, we always hear that now, but this this real, no shit this time it really matters because what has happened is with one party controlling both houses of congress and the White House, and congress essentially abdicating its oversight role and its responsibility as an independent branch and deference to Trump congress is not functioning period. And you know, I, I can't recall it being this bad before partisan. It's been all kinds of crazy things, but it's never been utterly irrelevant. And that's what it is now. And you know if it even if there were divided congress and and the Democrats controlled house in this and the Republicans control, the Senate things would be much different, Susan docu all night. So many more war stories I want. I don't have to wait for the book. Let me just say one thing by way of wrapping 'em because. I don't even know. I've said this t- privately, but like to say publicly comes, it comes like nobody had more influence over my early career than you and nobody taught me more. And I've said, also in my book, I'll say it to your face both how to do the right thing in how not to do..

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