Steelers score 3 touchdowns in 24 seconds

First and Last


Steeler nation does out. And so was the over in play last night. We'll watch the beginning of this game. We had three touchdowns in twenty four seconds three touchdowns in a span of twenty four seconds. The panthers. I touched down to the game. Followed up by juju. Smith Schuster seventy five yard touchdown one. Dr one play for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Followed up by Cam Newton pick six to put the Steelers up fourteen seven. The Steelers also scored two touchdowns as ban of twenty four seconds later in the game seven touchdowns by seven different players for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And it was that kind of night. It was the start of the game that was really emblematic of both teams. And you thought we would get the strength of both teams to begin with the Panthers opened up their opening drive spread out. Lots of Christian McCaffrey breaking off big runs. The Steelers defense looked noticeably frustrated as they're getting some of these read option looks, but they can't seem to defend in Carolina goes down scores with relative ease. And we thought all right. We're gonna have a ball game. The Steelers on the other side come back instant offense. Exactly who this team is that seventy five yard touchdown pass to juju. Smith Schuster long touchdown passes to end Tonio Brown later in that game. These are all things that are expected in this Pittsburgh offense

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