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Senate. That's great. A lawsuit has been filed in Georgia. The media's declared it to be a Blue Wave, which of course, it does. I'll tell you what wave is a red wave Barack Hussein Obama first mid term in two thousand ten to compare this to to now two thousand eighteen Republicans picked up sixty three house seats Republicans pick up sixty three right now under Trump Democrats pick up thirty three I don't know about you. But sixty three sounds a lot more than thirty three. Also in that twenty ten election Republicans picked up seven hundred and ten state legislative seats, it appears the Democrats in this cycle picked up three hundred which is a plus over four hundred more seats for Republicans in twenty ten plus in two thousand ten the Democrats lost six Senate seats right now, it appears anywhere from three to four extra cheese we picked up by the Republican party. So you talk about talk about a butt kicking that happened in two thousand ten if somebody would say choose the house. The senate. I tell you what I'm taking the Senate every time because judicial confirmations and more so thirty-three lost seats by the Republicans is close to the sixty three house seats off by the Democrats in two thousand ten with the chosen one Barack Hussein Obama and seven hundred ten state legislative seats lost by the Democrats in two thousand ten is much greater than the three hundred legislative seats lost by by the Republicans also Clinton in nineteen Ninety-four lost fifty two house seats and four US Senate seats. So that is a bud kickin. But as I said before I feel it is tenuous. I am shocked at beta Aurora got that close to Ted Cruz. I am shocked the annual Gillam who says cops are slave catchers got that close to Ron to Santa's. And I'm shocked that Bill Nelson defect was full of Florida where I'm broadcasting from tonight. Is only losing USCC to Rick Scott by fourteen thousand having been having Brenda Snipes having found eighty three thousand ballots after the polls were closed on Tuesday. It's incredible. I'll let you and I sit up tonight show think it's a big one coming up in a few minutes. We'll be live from Las Vegas. Wayne Allyn root to talk about his column about how Trump won on Tuesday. But now bad stuff's going on. Nobody could have anticipated five days later, we'd be dealing with this kind of stuff and also later on. Today's Alfred Farber who's a national expert. He's a mathematician status Titian as far as what actually happened on Tuesday night later on. Also, I have an interest in extraterrestrial all these kinds of things, and we have dean Regas coming up later, who's an astronomer with the national observatory talk about that object that flew out of our solar system and a high rate of speed also later on his council Natta project twenty one to ask how come so many African Americans cycle after cycle vote against their own self intr-. By voting four by voting four Democrats, and so one hundred two hundred years ago, the Democrats sold African-Americans down the road. Now, they continue sell them out by the policies that have injured so many so many American families. So if line becomes available eight six six six four seven seven three three seven I'm kinda urinated off when when Stacey Abrams went to court three hours ago in claimed or some voter fraud voter fraud voter suppression happening in Georgia when that an all time midyear off your turnout of sixty one percent. I thought that was.

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