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Will believe that the system is fundamentally rigged against them. Look we're coming to ahead. And this is where again, I think this this particular race is so important and instructive, you know, because. You have to strategies playing out that are gonna that will that will be in conflict for a long time where you have a Democratic Party that if if it switches to a perspective like Stacey Abrams that says we're gonna explain the span the playing field into these into these nooks and crannies of the state that we have normally ignored get new voters out get registered voters who don't vote often out that have a lot of hurdles in their lives voting in the first place that are trying to expand democracy, and you have certainly in the south Republican party that has has spent the past decades saying, you know, the biggest problem at democracy is that people are cheating and there's fraud. And so we're going to try to constrain it, and those two things are going to be an absolute conflict, and and they're going to be most in conflict in places where you have a majority of voters who are people of color, and who are Democrats. And that's where this that's where this is playing out. But how will it play out in the electoral college states? I mean, obviously, you know, one of the things when I first read about this. Why why would why would the Republicans be willing to sustain the kind of political damage spend, the kind of political capital on some of this have these made the calculation that that winning in those states is gonna counter whatever the yes. Out is going to be. I think that's right. And we've got a media that covers it, you know. The these fifty three thousand voters critics charge. They were they were, you know, their their their applications are in limbo. It's not critics charge. The AP did an expose, but the rest of the media was reporting it as a he said, she said story the media is not sufficiently educated about exactly what's happening. So Republicans get away with it. But when we talk about the electoral college talk about your home state, Charlie I believe, it was two something like two hundred thousand or maybe it was three hundred thousand black voters in the walkie could not get the I never bought that. I didn't know I know. But but you're speaking of you know, talking about turnout. Barack Obama won Wisconsin easily. The the real difference was that the African American vote for Hillary Clinton was down dramatically and she underperformed Barack Obama by about forty thousand votes. Just in Milwaukee county had they turned out for her in the same margin. She would have won the state of Wisconsin. Voter ID. There is a new voter ID laws in Barack Obama was elected. Sorry. We need to take another break when we come back political tribalism and the exhausted majority. You're listening to America on the line. Stay tuned..

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