China reportedly carried out a hardware hack on Apple and Amazon


Affected companies. The FBI says it had been investigating this. But both companies deny any such investigation. With Tech Trends, I'm Cheri Preston. ABC news attorneys general in at least two states are investigating a cyber intrusion at Google attorneys-general here in New York, and in Connecticut said they would investigate after Google said it discovered a. Bug. That may have exposed the profiles of a half million, Google plus users the company said it is shutting down Google, plus for consumers user, names, e mails, occupations, genders and ages were potentially compromised in the data breach which was discovered in March the data was potentially exposed to app, developers which Google said did not exploited ABC's Aaron Katersky and an investigation is underway. After a California DMV mistakenly registered hundreds of people to vote officials sent a letter to the secretary of state Alex Padilla, Monday, saying fifteen hundred people were aronie registered. And some of those people were non-citizens domestic was made under the state's new motor-voter program and

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