Hurricane Florence, making landfall, will bring ‘catastrophic’ flooding over wide area of Carolinas


Morning, and we want to get to hurricane Florence right off the bat the storm that could bring the worst flooding in recent memory to the Carolinas. Yeah. That's right. The winds from hurricane Florence may have weakened, but the National Hurricane Center still describing this as a potentially catastrophic storm because of the amount of rain it will dump on north and South Carolina. Let's go out live to ABC's Emily row from Wilmington. Good morning hurricane. Florence is inching inland and water is already breaching berms and flooding streets here in Wilmington North Carolina, though sheets of rain and winds are pounding the area. Lorraine's is moving less than ten miles per hour inland, but the wind coming with it ten times as fast these wind start blowing tropical storm rate. It will be virtually impossible for the rescuers to get in to rescue you. Those tropical storm force winds now blasting and area, hundreds of miles wide, ripping off this gas station, canopy in Topsail beach, North Carolina. As first responders pulled back. The storm surge is rushing in. In new Bern people waiting through waist deep. Water trying to get to their hotels and in Wilmington, the rain coming down sideways in sheets families who chose to stay in right out now bracing for the worst large backyard and a really really bending a lot in the wind just howling away here inside the house reports of structural damage. Already racking up and shelters

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