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If they're they're bullpens able to shore up after these starters, you know, I just don't see a way I think it'd be very difficult to imagine the dodgers winning. If the Red Sox bullpen is good in this series. Well, I guess that leads into my next question is who was player x for the Red Sox. Yeah. I think Craig kimbrel wouldn't have to be one. I mean, I think they will use him. They will. Wear him out. You know, again, they they like sale could be bad, and they could still win the series because of price because a volley because they have so many different starters that can go the distance. But Craig kimbrel is going to have to pitch probably four to five games in the series. I would guess at least four and at least five high leverage innings, and if he's bad, you know, I do think that that could be a disaster scenario for the Red Sox. So I think that he's gotta be pretty good for them to win. We're going to get back to baseball on the World Series a little bit later on in the sky book segment, but I want to turn our attention to football right now. Weird deals this week. We're getting really close to the NFL trade deadline, and let's start off with text that that you broke the news to me Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys for first round pick. My God we talked about this last week. And I think you said to me for saying, do you think they could get a second? And you were like, listen, I would love to get a first for full. Or something like that. And you know, he's the I mean, it's incredible. From everything we heard after it was the the Cowboys are bidding against themselves for Cooper that no-one no-one had gone above third rounder allegedly for him. That's pretty damning. I think that they've got a day. Obviously. I don't know. I think that it's a bad bad look for the Cowboys definitely need a receiver that I think if you had to name one need on one team more than anyone it would be you know, receiver for the Cowboys. But I don't know, man. This is this is tough tough look for them. So twenty two catches for two hundred and eighty yards this season warrants a first round pick. I was just going to look at this sets..

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