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I cannot collaborate. I cannot confirm that either way moment the Los Angeles chargers. The important thing is I didn't call them. The San Diego Chargers traveled. Seattle to take on the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are modest will prescribe. Ooh, wow. The seahawks. I think in the last month. No teams that you know. Increase their stock more than this Seok seen by going on the road and being lines away. They have they're getting it to a bunch of different pieces on offense. They look defensively. Despite losing Earl Thomas, I mean after that injury. You had to think they were going to be sellers at the deadline, and here, we are, you know, they they're very much in the playoff hunt. And you know, they might be even in position actually in the playoffs right now. So you know, I that being said minus one for them here as I think that's silly. The chargers coming off the bye, really not a long road to travel obviously LA I do like the chargers to win this game outright. That's a fine pick the important thing. Is here. I've been validated. Tremain Edmond is in fact out with concussion this week for the buffalo bake. Oh, wow. I'm sorry. I doubted you my friends I do not accept your apology. And I feel like this is going to be a lingering thing between two of us. It's eventually going to cause a split. I I gotta have -solutely that happen. The the other Los Angeles team. The Los Angeles Rams traveled in New Orleans take on the New Orleans. Single book has the saints minus two what a game I'm gonna call. This is going to be the end of that ram streak. I I expect the saints to win this game at home. They're such good team at home. I still Cooper couple of back that'll help. This scoring is going to be say. And but I do like the saints to win this one out right here at home and cover the two, okay? Over under. Oh, man. Man. Oh, man. I will say fifty eight. It's not been your strongest day. Oh, I will say that. You're you're not you're not as far office the other one. But this is a sixty. Oh, man. Wow. So the lot of a lot of points. I mean Packers Rams was what twenty nine twenty seven. So if since I would expect this I guess out expected to be more. But yeah, sixty might be a little high for this. Let's talk Packers patriots. The Green Bay Packers traveled in New England to take on the patriots sky. Book has the patriots minus five and a half. You know, I. I'm gonna take the Packers plus the five and a half. I think that the patriots have not looked nearly as good last week's grunk is. So obviously heard he is just waddling down the field. He's not making the catches. You. Normally does he's not playing with the same intensity..

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