Bradley Cooper asked about 'A Star Is Born' reviews


Bradley Cooper makes his direct to'real debut with a star is born in which he also stars. Opposite lady Gaga ABC's. Jason Nathanson was at the movies. LA premier one of the movies getting a lot of buzz as we move towards award season. The remake of a star is born life is so simple. That's a clip from the first song released from the film starring lady Gaga is a young singer songwriter, whose thrust into the spotlight hard-drinking country star played by Bradley Cooper Cooper, also directed the movie minute. The film's Hollywood premiere. He was asked about the great reviews. The film is getting I don't read reviews, really. But but no, I stopped like. Remember when I stopped wasn't after a good movie. I should stop different thing. I feel is that I just finished the city at city tour around the country went to eight eight days, and that was that. I remember doing that for civil and his playbook and being able to actually be with audience and talk to them afterwards. Feel the response. I have to say that people really received the movie there where I wanted them to. So that was very gratifying. I mean, that's all you can hope for any hopes. People have a great experience when the public finally gets a chance to see it. I mean, I I know what movies have done for me. My whole life healed me, they provided me with inspiration that they provided me with a sense that I'm not alone. And this movie the things that we examine this movie family trauma. Love true love and how hard that is to say. Even when you're that much. Finding your voice being in this world all those things that people can relate to that. And whether they're healed inspired, then I'd be doing it. I'd be giving back to a movie given to me my whole life. They continue to give to me as for lady Gaga. Does she go by that? Or by her real name, Stephanie onset. He goes, by whatever she tells you. But I mean that that's there's no movie without her period. And quite honestly without Sam Elliott to an Andrew and all of the great actors filming. A star is born hits theaters October fifth.

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