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How to deal with tents business situations? I'm Pat O'Brien with the Business Rockstars minute. Most everyone at one point or another face tense situations in order place. But there is no instruction manual when it comes to these things. Here are a few steps to deal with tents business situations, except that you may not see eye-to-eye is sometimes with big egos and personality differences. It is inevitable that you just never see eye to eye have those difficult conversations now instead of ignoring attend situation and chocolate up as something else. It's not address it head on and accept that. It is happening three do something about it as humans. We have a way of bottling things up until they become even bigger problems, and they can even cause a stress, but instead of bottling things up take small steps towards dealing with the problem for the Business Rockstars podcast gonna play dot it. I'm Pat O'Brien and this has been a Business Rockstars. In our house. Bedtime.

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