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First law on the hot stove league. Fire was lit yesterday. Is the Yankees traded for James Paxton, the big left handed starting pitcher of Seattle. He is Canadian. He's known as the big maple. And he went eleven and six last year with a three seven six which is good in the American League. He will fit quite nicely between Severino Tanaka. We'll on the Yankees now better than the Red Sox. No, first of all you have to base should the big maple is not in the big unit meaning the hospital. Right. I mean, he is on the disabled list six times in the last five seasons. Tony a lot. Several chips have been like half the season three and a half months. One time four months another time. I I understand why the Yankees would do this starting pitching is what they were thin at they needed to go and beef that up in the process, you know, I mean, a guy gets is sort of forgotten the Sheffield who also has a lot of talent. And I think is only twenty two years old. But I don't this does not in any way to me as close as they were with one hundred games one. Finish eight games behind the Red Sox. I don't think this allow because we just looked at the top teams in the NFL the top three teams in baseball the Red Sox. They one hundred eight the Astros they one hundred and three in the Yankees. They won one hundred the Yankees just got better. Did they get better than the Red Sox? No. The Red Sox went through the playoffs against the Yankees. The astros. The dodgers they lost one game in each round. They were eleven three against the best teams that were out there. And they answered every question about their starting pitching because Chris sale David price were very very little. So and they've got hitting. So are the Yankees better might they be as good they might be. But they are not better than the Red Sox. The first thing you have to answer about big maple is his health. And I'm sure that entire Brian Cashman brain trust is sitting around thinking about what to do to intimidate this after him off the Daniel. That's what they mean. They just starting. Regarding that sets for starting pitching. That's what they feel. So it is remarkable to me when you look at the how strong the American League is because I is I didn't mention Oakland. I didn't mention Tampa. Either mentioned Seattle. We're all good team. All real, absolutely. Let's take a break back. Stay tuned kids.

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