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In fact, the reason we were able to get surpluses in the years after the president left office and those surplus years were the result of a tough budget. Package that he took a lot of political pain forgetting pass through congress. But in retrospect deserves the credit for that. But that was largely done because he was able to maintain a good relationship in congress. The democrat who is in charge of the house appropriations committee, and and charge of the budget. Dan, Rostenkowski the president had him in the White House. At least a dozen times for one on one conversations, and they were able to resolve significant differences between Republicans and Democrats because they trusted each other in early nineteen ninety two Bush announced that he would seek a second term America's victory in the Persian Gulf war and high approval ratings made reelection seem likely, but by election day, Bush's approval rating declined to just thirty seven percent because of an economic recession that ultimately led to his defeat to Arkansas governor Bill Clinton, a defeat that according to his son, George W deeply upset America's forty first president her. Stunning. And and yet. Soon thereafter, he and Bill Clinton the man who establish a very strong relationship. So you you make choices in life. Dad, chose not to be a better person. Not to say defeat defines me if.

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