Rosenstein suggested he secretly record Trump, discussed 25th Amendment: New York Times


This just in over the last forty five minutes, the story broke from the New York Times. The New York Times is reporting that read this is through an anonymous leak, but hold that thought. Because people are already sort of determining who this anonymous leaker is this story rod Rosenstein suggested secretly recording Trump and disgust twenty fifth amendment. Now, of course, you know, the twenty fifth amendment is the amendment of the constitution that allows for the physical incapability of the if the president is physically in capacity, then they're they can trigger the rightful constitutional succession, which would move to the vice president, of course, which basically there was never any language in there. You know, there's always language if the president dies or resigns or is impeached, but nothing about whether he was incapacitated. Well, I'll just read you this part of the strategy. Listen, you've already heard some of the details there. I heard Mark Stein. They're filling for Rush Limbaugh giving you some details. I've got a lot on this. I've got a lot that isn't in this New York Times article, including some people already commenting on who they think this leaker is a, but here's my basic question for you if you'd like to chime in on it as well since you've probably heard some of the details. Does this give President Trump the excuse not that he didn't have one already, but a very real tangible excuse to fire rod Rosenstein, and for that matter possibly attorney general Jeff Sessions since these conversations, and this is all happening on his watch in the Justice department or should the president leave it alone. What should the president do in this case

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