Most important takeaway each Top 25 college football team


Rate. Penn State fell at home to Michigan state twenty one seventeen Iowa State by West Virginia thirty to fourteen mountaineers will fall from number six number seven Washington losing in overtime at number seventeen. Oregon thirty to twenty seven number nineteen Colorado has never beaten USC and that continued with a thirty one to twenty loss. Both teams are now one in the ACC that's Miami and Virginia number sixteen hurricanes. Go down sixteen to thirteen number twelve Michigan impromptu six and one with a thirty eight thirteen win against fifteenth rank Wisconsin number one Alabama over Mizzou thirty nine at ten number three Ohio State up over Minnesota thirty two fourteen number five Notre Dame in nineteen fourteen. Win over pit and south bend Texas hung on for a twenty three seventeen win over Baylor. Number ten, central Florida. Beat Memphis thirty one thirty number fourteen Florida thumb vandy thirty-seven twenty seven and the twenty second ranked Texas

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