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BWI three right there. Cleveland Browns. I mean, girlfriends fantasy, huge, huge better in their cat exactly begin. She is in fact a decision maker, but but you know, the the Clemson and the the Clemson Louisville game was on on one of the TV's enter another television UCLA was playing. I forget who, and I told and she isn't, you know, she is a legitimate football fan. Not just, oh, it's cute. Let's get the jerseys look pretty. So I like them. She's legitimate football fan, and I told her you should be paying attention right now because on one of these screens in front of us is your next quarterback. Well, one, I am very little doubt about any other. I have some doubt about l. say, we haven't even discussed when I very little doubt about because Josh Rosen is really exciting. And I think that if the browser to get him, that'd be that'd be a big time get for them almost as big as your girlfriend is fan Sangley. Do you think the Browns would be a little bit concerned about Rosen's attitude though? He does have some men Zilly qualities twist personality. Yeah. I mean, full me why only ones, you know, but they also have few Jackson there, and I think that he's proven done a pretty good job of managing that locker room and, and by all accounts, everyone loves it. Everyone in Cincinnati, loved them. People go Clint loved him. So I would have a less concern about that going forward, but obviously in all things being equal, that's that's certainly something that teams are going to keep an eye on Rosen's and I don't know that you can, you know, sort of compare apples to oranges here, but it is interesting if next year we're shaping up for a little more Jackson, Josh Rosen, kind of Andrew luck RG three debate if we go back to this year to see what you Jackson thinks of quarterbacks. He did take Cody Kessler over Dak Prescott. He did, and you know, many people questioned that all watch what or not all some of us watched a lot of Cody Kessler and I would say I left that not being sure what you Jetsons all on him, but counselors performed well above what I would've expected under huge accent to lidge. So you know, maybe I would venture to trust what he has to say on quarterbacks, and I seems to have been the right and again, very small sample size obviously, but he's done a pretty good job. Yeah, I don't. I don't know. I don't know what the expectations were for Kessler coming in. Maybe it was judging by his preseason performance of running out of the end zone on one of his first plays that is long as long as he doesn't throw the bowl to the other team too much. She's doing fine, but I, I don't know. He's all very boring quarterback to watch. I compare Cody Kessler to sort of tie Detmer with a better arm. It just completely unwilling to throw the ball down the field. I was watching, you know, as we have, we have Sunday ticket and we're watching the Browns play. I've already forgotten who they played. It just immediately gets raised from my head for play this action. Yeah, thank you. Play Washington. This past weekend. You know, the team is down a couple of scores with three minutes to go and Cody Kessler storing four yard passes to Gary born edge. There was no expectation as they were going to try to win that game. Yeah, yeah. And I think that that's part of probably part of the whole huge accident experience. I mean, he unsure had notice on Kessler starting this early, but here he is and you know, this is part of the development as you know, late in the game does battle. This guy's confidence by making them do things that make him uncomfortable, keep trying to make it better. And I, I think that right now, the improvement of the players is much more important than he actual win column for them. And I think especially a quarterback, that's something you see there. And yeah, I mean, I think that's the book on Casler. He's not a guy that's going to drive the volt on probably ever, but definitely not right now being drilled into the starting role. So you know, it's, it's just kinda where it's at with with why they made that decision and what kind of coach you is..

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