Howard and Gilbert Gottfried Sing Hebrew in New Phony Phone Call The Howard Stern Show


The word stern show. We used my voice doing Hebrew the other day, and we took an old tape, Gilbert, Godfrey doing his rabbi routine AA, and we call the religious show, and I think it worked out great. I, I was laughing. This is one of those real like internet shows. You can't even figure out they could anyone possibly be listening beside us, like it's bunch, don't get it how these all these shows have listeners to this show is Pete like it's a bunch of religious people, quote, unquote, religious people who claim they speak in tongues and all that. Oh, no. Yeah, wasn't. It is now going into the book of numbers and our one year bible study, we pray that you are getting as much out of this bible study as we are. Somebody else on the show where that's not. Okay. All right. Hello. Hey, aurea there's brother known and pseudomonas. Okay, I'll tell you, we have this stranger situation here church. We've a few members and they're stuck speaking in tongues. This is the pastor that's doing that. Yes, yes, ma'am. When we have a few pastors doing it, can they got you think I can put him on the Tri Tim, and what they're saying? Oh, please. I believe with all my heart, I think in time. Oh, excellent. All right. Here's your pasture. Our. Yeah. Out. I have a Rockley by Barakaat ta the nihilo Ainhoa Mela whole our shared by Carbonneau relief. I mean non line to it, no pain tolerance. I in my heart. What I heard was God is going to begin to manifest himself and we're heading for the end of the end time I I would I think I would begin to fast and get on my face before God though, because everyone here all the parisioners we should all start fast, and that's what he's saying. It sounded to me. Okay. What about this guy? This is this pastor Gilbert. What's he saying? Gish Neil shit. Hey, dee. I'm not really sure about that. Just keep trying. Sure. Yeah. Shit, man. Sure. Ma'am. Okay. Yeah, we. Tonight. I'll go. Howard Stern show.

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