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KTAR h top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center for today. We're looking at a little dense fog and a few spots has started. Otherwise, we're looking at it eventually becoming partly cloudy today, certainly by this afternoon. Temperature of eighty four currently seventy six that's what we're looking at currently. But we've got some cooler temperatures coming Terry Smith. I mean, much cooler by the end of the week. Yeah. Big big hole down. Where's my winter coat? Got find it if you don't have it already. Because if I'm looking at daytime temperatures around sixty you know, the nighttime temperatures are going to be chilly too. So it's only a twenty percent chance of rain today for folks who are worried about getting out and getting things done say like voting, but we'll start to see more rain tomorrow through Friday of sixty percent chance of thundershowers tomorrow. A fifty percent chance of more rain on Thursday. Eighty percent chance of rain on Friday. Now, our temperatures will stay warm tomorrow and Thursday, but then we're going to start to cool down Friday. Temperatures Friday in the upper fifties to mid sixties for highs Saturday. We don't have much rain at all twenty percent chance of some rain, but temperatures will stay near sixty degrees. So it's it's going to be a little chilly toward the end of the way it is currently seventy five now at your ficials severe weather station. News Radio seven, forty KTAR, h local news, weather and traffic. Alexa,.

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